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Wellness...Refined, it's a new beginning for your health.

If you're looking for a way to analyze your whole body for any dysfunction even before symptoms may be present, you're not alone. Every year more women are deciding to turn to Total Thermography because they not only want a non-toxic and more effective assessment, they want a more natural approach to their health needs.

Women want to be proactive about their overall health along with breast health throughout the year. Since inflammation is so prevalent in every aspect of health, Total Thermography is the best tool for assessing inflammation and thermal heat in the body.  

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The world is changing in so many ways, it is time for us to make changes in our health approach.
I chose Total Thermography so I can make a better decision in my own health care.. 
Kristi L., Gonzales LA

There's Good News

Total Thermography should be your go to in health and wellness needs. Why not look beyond your symptoms, or should I say look for the reasons behind your symptoms as they will become clear with the right assessment such as Total Thermography. 

​Total Thermography analyzes the function of the physiology. And with every chronic disease, dysfunction in the physiology precedes physical, anatomical changes. This means we are looking at processes within the body way before any abnormality is presented.


Also, breast disease, like any chronic disease, is multi-causal. Total Thermography reveals underlying causes through its integrative, holistic breast analysis, such as lymphatic congestion, organ dysfunction, and toxicity.

Mother & daughter

With Total Thermography, you go home knowing where your whole health is headed so you can make more educated decisions for yourself along with either your medical doctor or naturopath.  

A Better Lifestyle for Whole Body Health & Breast Wellness

For an ongoing lifestyle that will continue to provide a healthier you, we suggest the following either daily, weekly or seasonal:

  • lymphatic therapy

  • Good Nutrition (veggies, organic meat, fruits)

  • Open detox pathways (Far Infrared is great)

  • Natural supplementation for Immune, Endocrine, Exocrine

  • Balance Hormones

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Stepping Up Your Game

For a growing number of women, stepping up their game in wellness has been extremely beneficial. To be aware of signs and understanding your body functions is where we are in the world today. The normal now needs to be a new normal..

If you expect a change in your health, you must do something different to get a change! That's called Stepping Up your Game..

We would benefit more by:

  1. focusing on awareness and lifestyle,

  2. taking a look at the whole body, not the breasts in isolation, 

  3. understanding our individual health tendencies and following a customized lifestyle strategy, and

  4. trashing the false hope that "early detection" is good enough.

Statistically and personally, early detection is not good enough, not for us or our daughters.


Mother and young daughter

If you want to take charge of your health, and you want a whole body & breast health assessment that is safe, non-toxic, gentle, and effective, Total Thermography fits the bill and also presents holistic insights for treatment strategies that can offset disease. 

Plus, knowing how to optimize and maintain your whole body & breast health is something worth passing on to the next generation. Wouldn't you agree?

I am so glad that Dr Karin brought this type of assessment to Baton Rouge. I was astonished that this test would give the amount of information that it did. 

I have told all my friends..

We now have options, go get thermography done!


Sally F.,  Baton Rouge LA

To be proactive we must take responsibility and take action for ourselves. It does not mean we need to eliminate our medical doctor, it means build you a team and stay involved. Stay in the know...

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