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Specializing in Women's Health...but for men, too.                          


Total Thermography is a measurement of temperature determined by influences of the nervous system's innervations to the capillary beds constricting or dilating in response to cool air. It can then show functional changes happening in the body before those changes become labeled as disease processes, and captures the performance of your organs, glands, and lymph, showing us where the body is struggling and giving us causal clues to symptoms that you may not even be feeling or noticing.


From immune challenges, to toxic overloads, such as heavy metals, to lymphatic congestion and toxicity,

Total Thermography prioritizes root causes to help make a plan of action that empowers your health goals.

For women, we specialize in Whole Body & Breast Health to empower women to a safer and more reliable assessment for breast care and our Total Thermography delivers just that.  We provide two different types of thermography assessments in one appointment so we actually assess your breasts twice for double confidence!

For men, it is a great assessment for Prostate health to empower men in their Whole Body & Prostate Health.  

Total Thermography allows us to look at all the many connections of the male body and what is effecting the prostate along with the dental connection. 

  Benefits to you:

-  More Accurate, Comprehensive Assessment Process


-  Dynamic Mapping of Physiological Dysfunction & Inflammation 

-  Medical Doctors interpret reports 

-  Outstanding Report findings to help you, your physician and dentist

    in your total health

-  Easy to understand reports (all color reports)

-  Very Affordable

-  Consult included by one of our Naturopaths (in person or phone)

-  No Doctor referral required

Women's Thermography
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Breast Thermography