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a Leading Cause
of Disease


Why Inflammation? 

Inflammation is an important part of our immune response. It's the body’s way of healing itself after an injury, repairing damaged tissue, and defending itself against pathogens. In this way, inflammation is beneficial.


However, inflammation can also be harmful to your health. Learning what causes inflammation can help you protect yourself.

There are two types of inflammation, acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is your body’s natural defense against damaged cells, viruses and other harmful invaders. It starts quickly and helps the body heal itself.

Chronic inflammation is systemic, low-grade inflammation that lasts for months or years. It is the common cause of many health issues. In fact, chronic inflammation has been linked to almost every major health condition and disease. This is partly due to the excessive production of free radicals that can be damaging to cells if not controlled.

Many factors can cause inflammation in the body including an inflammatory diet, blood sugar imbalances, and leaky gut syndrome. Sleep loss, chronic stress, environmental toxins, and chronic infections are additional factors that lead to chronic inflammation. It is critical to understand and address these factors to achieve optimal health.

Total Thermography will help show locations of inflammation and will also guide you to root causes. Don't wait for the disease when you can experience this noninvasive assessment and address the root cause now. 

Work on your health now..Before you are forced too!

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