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Test the Entire Body Easily, Affordably

Get a Data Packed Health
Report in ONE Scan

What IS Total Medical Thermography?

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Total Thermography is a medical service offered by the Wellness Centre of Baton Rouge that creates a data-packed, total body health report in ONE scan. Remember the “Tricorder” scanning device Dr. McCoy used in Star Trek? Well, the future is here! We combine that with infrared photographic imagery – that's the TOTAL picture.


Our reports are actionable, easy to understand, and show functional changes happening in the body before they cause disease and distressing symptoms.

Total Thermography captures the performance of over 30 organs, glands, and lymph nodes, showing us where the body is struggling to reveal important clues to symptoms you may not even be noticing yet. Or maybe you already have distressing symptoms, yet all your tests "are normal." We can uncover what’s really going on. From undetected inflammation to immune challenges, from toxic overload to lymphatic congestion, Total Thermography identifies and prioritizes root causes and empowers you with a plan of action.

The Wellness Centre of Baton Rouge is the only provider in Lousiana combining Thermography with Infrared Imaging in one easy package! 

We can finally see what the body is doing before it becomes dysfunctional enough to create an irreversible problem...


Dr. Schulz-Ruhtenberg, Minden

What Can I Expect At Your Centre?

We'll schedule two one hour visits – one for the test and imaging and one to review your results. 


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First, you’ll sit fully clothed for 10-15 minutes to relax.

Using a very gentle, light-weight sensor, we measure your skin’s temperature on 120 points on your body, from the head to the pelvic area. The test is done standing.

Next, you’ll disrobe and remain in a fairly cool room for 10 minutes and the measurements are repeated. This subjects your body to a controlled stress that doesn’t in fact feel stressful.


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Finally, we’ll capture infrared images of your area of concern/breasts. The thermal imaging clearly shows areas of inflammation, poor circulation, pain, and more. That’s it! Your first appointment is done.


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Next, we send your report to a board certified MD for interpretation. Our 7-10 page report includes full color graphs and explanations showing the reactions of the body, the functional health of your organs, and their neurological control systems.


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About a week later you’ll return to review the report and the infrared imagery. Dr. Karin Nielsen will explain both tests in a detailed one hour consultation. She'll also give you her #1 recommendation!

This report offers thorough analysis so your doctor can determine the best treatment or supplementation plan. Follow up testing can track progress and measure improvements. Your doctor can refer you and benefit from our report or you can come to us directly without a referral.

Have more questions? Call us at 225.229.6107 

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Dentist Appointment

One former client, now a retired dentist was struggling with his own dental health and other medical issues. After reviewing the report he said “I knew it!” A tooth that he suspected was the culprit had been dismissed as “healthy and normal” by his own staff and other dentists. Now he knew what to do!


He shared, “This is amazing! If I wanted to get this much information from traditional medical testing I would have paid thousands of dollars, even with insurance.”

Yes! I'm In. What Do I Receive?

  • A two part, one hour full body analysis combining total thermography and infrared imaging on the breasts or specified area of concern (a $250 value)

  • A 7-10 page color written and visual report (a $250 value)

  • A one hour consult with Dr. Karin Nielsen explaining your report in detail (a $125 value)

  • The #1 recommendation based on results (a $75 value)

Why Get These Tests?

  • Feel better faster! Total Thermography takes the guess work out of mysterious symptoms with an accurate assessment to address the proper issue faster.

  • Our report findings will guide you, our Centre, your physician and your dentist in your total health.

  • Provides an affordable alternative to the myriad of tests and scans you’d need to request from your primary care doctor that may be deemed “unnecessary.”

  • Shows dynamic mapping of physiological dysfunction and inflammation.

  • Board certified medical doctors interpret the reports so you can be assured of validity.

  • Dr. Karin Nielsen, a certified Naturopath, will explain your report in detail and offer her number one next-step suggestion. 

  • The reports are easy to understand with graphs and explanations so you can share them with your spouse or family members.

  • It’s an easy, painless process – and no doctor referral is required!

Sign me up!

That’s a $700 value for a $385 package, PLUS $50 off with code “TotalT” for a $335. investment.



“After my diagnosis, I wanted another viewpoint in my health that would support my medical treatment. It did just that without radiation or pain. I am able to monitor my health with the Thermography assessment.” Also, Dr. Karin has been outstanding in her support and guidance.”



“This assessment was so helpful to me in finding out why I could not get well. I am now getting the guidance I need and felling so much better.” 



“I am so glad that Dr Karin brought this type of assessment to Baton Rouge. I was astonished that this test would give the amount of information that it did.

​I have told all my friends...We now have options, go get thermography done!”


What Happy Clients Are Saying

How Does Thermography Work?

Homeostasis is the body's ability to maintain a stable internal environment despite external changes. When your body is "in homeostasis" you feel good! The body works hard to adapt to the environment and stay in this state through a complex process called thermoregulation. The nervous system regulates temperature in response to internal and external stressors by manipulating capillary blood flow to and from the skin.


When we expose the body to a slightly cooler temperature, blood flows away from the skin to the core and head to maintain essential organ temperature and oxygenation. Thermography assesses homeostasis by observing skin temperature changes.


Unlike MRIs, CT scans and mammograms that can detect a growth or lesion, Total Thermography looks at the body as a whole dynamic system that is constantly changing. This helps us evaluate organ function, not simply provide an image of the existing anatomy.


Ultimately, this means we can detect patterns of disease early – it’s a truly preventative approach! It can also demystify symptoms that may be making you miserable. The knowledge and expert care of Dr. Karin can put your health back on track.


Meet Our Wellness Experts!

Lila Sanchez-Adame

Certified Lymphatic Therapist

Dr. Karin Nielsen

Certified Naturopath

Meghan Picard

Client Care Specialist

Ivy Lindsay

Client Care Specialist

Prefer to speak with a live person?
Call 225.229.6107 


What Does Thermography Test?

Total Thermography Evaluates Your Entire Physiological Health!

  • Breasts

  • Thyroid

  • Adrenals

  • Stomach

  • Small Intestines

  • Large Intestines

  • Liver

  • Gallbladder

  • Prostate

  • Pancreas

  • Kidneys

  • Lymphatic System

  • Sinuses

  • Heart

  • Lungs

  • Immune System

  • Dental

  • Uterus/Ovaries

Ready to feel like yourself again? Call us at 225.229.6107 
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