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Your Health Discovery
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How YOU can Benefit from Total Thermography

Start Your Wellness Journey...

“Health Discovery” is a progressive approach for people who value the process of monitoring their health and making lifestyle changes to achieve optimal wellness.

One of the best assessments to start you on your path to

Health Discovery is Total Thermography. 

Our Total Thermography package can help you solve medical mysteries and create lasting results for your health and longevity.

Total Thermography identifies areas of inflammation so you and your trusted health practitioners can partner with your body’s healing systems to make a proactive change designed to find the root cause and bring you back to optimum health.

 Throughout your healing journey, Total Thermography can monitor your progress and help you make changes along the way so that you can reach your wellness goals faster.

Meet our Founder
Karin Nielsen, ND, CCT

What Clients Are Saying

This assessment was so helpful to me in finding out why I could not get well. I am now getting the guidance I need and felling so much better.


After my diagnosis, I wanted another viewpoint in my health that would support my medical treatment. It did just that without radiation or pain. I am able to monitor my health with the Thermography assessment.

Also, Karin has been outstanding in her support and guidance.


I'm an athlete and feel very healthy. I had the Total Thermography assessment done to keep up or ahead of my health. So happy to have this available in our community. I recommend this for your own health care!



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